Mechanical Engineering Department

Mechanical Engineering is the backbone for any industry. It plays an important role in the production of mechanical and thermal energies. It is involved in the design, construction,operation and maintenance of equipment in nearly all types of industries which include: transportation, refrigeration and air conditioning, power plants and water distillation, heavy industry, petroleum and chemical industries, textile sand food industries and many others. The department offers three options started from the thirdyear:

  1. AppliedMechanics
  2. Productionand Industrial Engineering
  3. ThermalEngineering.

The Department comprises the following Laboratories:

  1. Heat Transfer and Air conditioning
  2. Internalcombustion Engine
  3. FluidMechanics and Machines
  4. Dynamicsand Vibration .
  5. Strength of Materials
  6. Productionand Metrology
  7. Materials Science.

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